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Offering you the total solution with our in-house powder coating facilities.

Metal Skills have an assembly division purpose built for finishing your products. Our same focus on providing an excellent product finish applies to assembly, and it’s the perfect service for components that require rivnuts, rivets, hinges, locks and various other fastenings to complete finished products.  Our assembly service also includes all packing requirements, so you can simply freight directly to your clients.

Best of all, our new truck can deliver your products to the location of your choice in the Greater Auckland Area.  We can also arrange National delivery utilising our, or your, transportation company of choice.

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The benefits of outsourcing assembly:

  • Providing cost savings - reduction in overheads – controlled costs

  • An increase in quality of products

  • Your business can be more flexible and agile

  • Able to adapt to changing market conditions and challenges

  • No requirement for building infrastructure and hiring staff

  • A total manufacturing solution – including our in-house powder coating facilities

Looking for a true end-to-end solution for product manufacturing? Look no further.