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Precision manufacturing aligned to any hardware insertion need.

Let us increase your hardware insertion effectiveness and / or take this whole agonising process off your hands!

Metal Skills perform hardware insertion operations for a wide range of sheet metal parts. Stud insertion is an excellent way of fixing two sheetmetal components together when welding is not an option due to the parts maybe requiring separation in the future for repairs etc.

Hardware insertion services are offered for the installation of a variety of components, including Clinch hardware, PEM nuts, standoffs, and studs. Our punching and laser cutting machines penetrate precision holes for easy hardware insertion.

We utilise a Haegar 824 One Touch hardware insertion system. It allow us to insert four different kinds and sizes of fasteners in the same part!

Hardware Insertion at Metal Skills

Hardware insertion examples

  • Studs

  • Clinch hardware

  • PEM nuts

  • Standoffs

  • And much more

Whatever your hardware insertion requirements, talk to the sheet metal manufacturing experts.