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Offering you the total solution with our in-house powder coating facilities.

Metal Skills are all about getting your parts done as quickly as possible and don’t want to lose time getting them finished by relying on others if we don’t need to. The more we can do in-house the better the results for our customers.

We recently installed new and improved Wagner automated powder coating guns and operating system to our existing automated powder coating line.

The new system has sensors so powder is only applied to the size of the part. Providing a superior finish and optimising powder usage, which is excellent for the environment.  Robotic guns also guarantee consistent coverage while processing at a constant speed.

We have also installed a new batch oven and a super large manual powder coating booth that allows us to powder coat much larger items up to 5 metres in length.  Both systems allow us to accommodate large or small runs of varying sized components.


Your products… in any colour you like. Period.

Metal Skills Powder Coating

If your sheet metal products require a professional, powder coated finish, talk to the true one-stop solution.